10 Things you Should Never Say to a Working Mom

When it comes to Working Moms and moms in general, people take the liberty to say what is on their minds.  

These are the things I get tire of hearing on a weekly basis.  Share with your friends if you are tired of them too!

10 Things you Should Never Say to a Working Mom

1. Who is taking care of your kids?

Satan, Satan is taking care of my kids.  Actually, it's probably the school or daycare.

2. But won't you miss so much?

Yes, I do miss a lot. And sometimes it is quite painful, and my husband feels the same way.  So unless we want to live in a card board box or a trust fund that I don't know about magically appears, we are going should never say to a working momto miss some things.

3. How do you find the time?


4. Why isn't your house cleaner?

Between Work, daily laundry, cooking, and sleeping, sometimes the house gets the short end of the stick.  Fortunately, it hasn't complained!

5. Don't you feel guilty?

Yes, I feel guilty that I can't spend every waking minute with my child, but fortunately, my children will have a support system outside of my home. And when mommy is in a bad mood, they are thankful I have to go to work!

6.You drink a lot of caffeine.

Why Thank you for noticing. Remember number 3?  Well that is how I find time.  Lots and Lots of caffeine.

7. You shouldn't have to work.

I get this one more than I would like to admit.  I am not sure if it is a dig on me or my husband.  But even if my husband made a billion dollars, I would work, and vice versa.

8. You look tired.

Duh! I work and have kids.  If I look refreshed, then you may want to ask where the kids are.  I am constantly moving and taking care of people or things.  It runs all my energy out.

9. You should come to work ready.

Sometimes my plans don't work like I hoped.  Sometimes dragging two kids out the door by  7 doesn't happen.  I will occasionally put my make up on at work. Everyone will survive seeing for 5 minutes.  I promise!

10. Do you really need that bottle of wine?

The answer is always yes.


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