10 FREE ways to Promote Your Business

When you are first starting a business, you don't have a lot of money for advertising and promotion.  However, if you ever want to make money, then promotion is necessary.  So, I have made a list of ways to promote your business for free.

10 Free ways to promote your Business!

1. Facebook

Everyone knows that Facebook is a great way to promote your business. But how many of you are utilizing it? Just having a Facebook page is not enough.  So, start posting to your Facebook regularly, and invite your friends to join.

What should you post?  Anything professional and relevant.  If you have a plumbing Business, like my friends at Smith Plumbing (not an affiliate link, just a friend with a good business and service), then you would talk about issues that the city may soon face.

2. LinkedIn

In my article,Social Media for Small Businesses, I wrote about LinkedIn, and want to re tell you how quickly LinkedIn is growing.  It is moving away from just a connect website and now is really diving into Promoting articles about business and industries.  Make sure your business has a page on it, and that it is connected to your LinkedIn.

3. Twitter

Twitter takes time, but it is one of the easier platforms, because you don't have to think to much just write a short little blurb and your good to go!

4. A blog

A blog is usually not free unless you already have an established Website (which you should, just saying)!  A blog helps keep your site relevant for Google, and it allows you to publish articles that people on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can read (which gives you link backs)!  I have two blogs, your reading one and the other is www.brylett.com which talks all about Blog Law, check it out if you have a minute!

5. Instagram

Its free to use and just like Twitter, you can snap a picture and upload.  As a business owner, you should take pictures of happy customers/clients (with their permission first, don't get sued here). Post it and let people know that you have people that are happy with your results!

6. Email subscriptions

promote your business

You don't have to have a weekly newsletter, but keeping your current clients/customers familiar with you helps keep you on their mind.  There are plenty of Email services out there that you can use for free.  I use MailChimp for both my websites.  As a business owner, you can send out specials or just random thank yous!

7. Pinterest

Depending on your business, Pinterest can actually help you grow quickly.  It goes back to the Blogging.  If you are publishing articles, then you have a way to seriously utilize Pinterest.  Take for example a Lawyer who does social media may have  an article published about Blog Law .  This can be put on Pinterest and others will get to read it!

8. Networking

Not social Media, but a great life strategy.  Get to know people in your business and community at large.  They will be more willing to use you and to refer you.  How do you network?  Check out this article.

9.  Volunteering

Its like networking and helping all rolled into one!  Volunteering in your community helps you expand your reach and network, and you get to give back.  Find ways to volunteer and you will find opportunities to connect!

10. Watch for social media incentives

Finally, my last tip is watch for incentives.  If you have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the others, they will occasionally run promotions for free advertising up to a certain amount of money.  Take advantage of these opportunities; you will get to promote without the costs.  I have done it with this website, and it helped grow my views!


Promoting your Business is important, but money is always a factor.  If you like the article, don't forget to share on Facebook!

free ways to promote your business

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