9 Tips for the Beach to make an easy Vacation

The beach is a great place to go with your family, so here are tips for the beach that I gathered.
We went to Destin two weeks ago, and it was the vacation I needed. We went with two other families who were seasoned beach vacationers.  I am going to share what I learned from our trip.

9 Beach Tips

Before the Beach Trip

1. Make a packing checklist

Don't take a chance and try to remember all the things.  As a parent, you have enough o think about each and every day, so prepare a checklist for each person in your family.  It makes

Tips for the Beach

things a bit smoother, and to be honest it helps me take control of the situation. I have included a free printable to help you get started. Packing list

2. Make one area a staging area

Don't try packing in 25 different areas. You will over pack or under pick.  Pick a staging area where you are putting  your bags so they will be in one area.

We used our living room, but you don't have too. Just pick an area that works well with you still having to work, but can easily acesss it!

3.  Try to plan out meals

During our trip, we only ate our 3 times.  That is a 7 day trip we are talking about! This helps you save some money and really work towards being able to do the things you want too.
I can't take full credit for this, my cousin Janet helped organize this little piece of amazingness!  Plan it out and things will be easier!

During the trip

1. Get a net like bag for the sand toys.

Our friend Jen actually gave me this tip. Use a net like bag so you can throw all the toys in it later and just wash the sand off with a water hose.  It works perfect and saves time and energy!

2. Use sunscreen- for yourself

Yeah, this was my big fail of the trip.  There is a reason the airlines tell you to put your mask on first, then your children.  

I made the mistake of taking care of my children first then putting sunscreen on myself. It was a painful experience for everyone involved.

3. Wash clothes if you can

If you have the opportunity to wash clothes,   Then take a moment out of your vacation to wash a load or two. It will make coming back a little bit easier!

After the trip

1.  Make sure to prepare snacks and food

I did really well about packing snacks for the trip down. However, I did not do so well on the trip back home.

Make sure you keep a few extra snacks and drinks for the drive home, so you were not stopping every hour or so getting snacks.

2. Have a Dirty clothes bag

If you are amazing and can wash all your clothes, then you don't need this tip.

But if you are like me and couldn't wash all your clothes, then make sure you take some type of bag with you so you can separate your dirty clothes from your clean clothes. That way you know exactly what needs to be thrown in the washer as soon as you get home.

3. Don't take home stuff you won't use

Don't get stuff or bring stuff back that you will never use again. It's a waste of space and it's a waste of money.
* bonus tip- don't buy a hermit crab right before you leave 😊


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