A Working Mom’s Guide to Surviving Snow Days

It's snow season.  Even in the South apparently.  I have put together a list to help you surviving an extended period of time with your bundles of joy.Day 6:  I have been trapped with the children for 6 whole days.  You can only play Don't Break the Ice so many times before your sanity starts dwindling.

I wanted to help other Working Mom's out with this very serious guide to surviving.

Working Mom's Guide Surviving Snow Days

The following list is mean for entertainment purposes ONLY.  If you do drink, please drink responsibly.

  1. Mimosas/ Screw Drivers 

*** Must be over 21 in United States to enjoy this one****

Probably the top of my list.  Either of these will make your snow day just a little more bearable.


As much Vodka as necessary, and Orange juice!

2. Wine

 (This is an affiliate link, I may get a commission, and you must be over 21 and within state regulations to buy).

I have to say, I love wine too.  This one is extremely useful for those hours when you have heard "why" for the 500 time, and honestly, you just can't handle it at all!  1 glass a day keeps the straight jacket away.

3. Television

Ok, there are going to be some people that judge me hard on this one.  GO AHEAD.  TV saved my sanity during what felt like 15 years of snow days.  Normally, I try to limit screen time, let the kids color, dance, or pretty much anything else.  After 4 full days of snow, I just didn't care.  My sanity gave into the TV.

4. Food

This one can help you more than you realize.  No, I am not talking about shoving food down their throats until they can't talk, that will land you in jail.  I am talk about giving them snacks and letting them cook on occasion.    On the last snow day, Little S and I baked cupcakes.  Take a look.  It kept her occupied for about 20-30 minutes, so I was pretty happy.

5. Tablets

Again, electronics save my sanity, and I am NOT ASHAMED to admit it. Similar to #3, sometimes you just need them to focus on something else but you. Santa brought AMAZON FIRE (affiliate link, i may make a commission).  These things are amazing.  You have a kid friendly design and you can lock down the profile so the kids only get what is age appropriate!  I highly recommend.

6. Chocolate

You probably don't need this really, but I love chocolate.  It's like a mini xanax in my opinion.  Who really needs bread and milk anyways.  Avoid the mad dash and go straight to the Candy isle.  (P.S. works as a good bribery tool).

Have a good snow day my fellow working moms.  Don't expect to get much done, and STAY SANE.


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