How to enjoy motherhood!

Motherhood took me by surprise.  I thought (naively) it would be cupcakes and rainbows. Sometimes I would wonder, "how does a person enjoy motherhood?"How to enjoy motherhood!

  1.  Realize that not every moment is going to be cupcakes and rainbows.

Sometimes motherhood is just the opposite.  It sucks.  There is whining, and crying, and random goo that seems to get everywhere.  ( I mean seriously, where do they find the goo?)  But, the good news is: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  It is hard sometimes, and the people who tell you that it isn't are probably lying.

2. Get out of your own motherhood head.

We have these preconceived notions of what motherhood should be, could be, and will be. Sorry, but most of the time it just doesn't happen the way we had always hoped.  Your little bundle of joy may get that extra ten or 30 minutes of TV, because honestly, you just can't take it anymore that day.   I know that I feel so guilty some days about things, especially TV.  Every time they turn on the TV, I can hear the studies about how it rots their brains.  I understand the studies, don't get me wrong.  Unfortunately, those studies don't factor in a very tired mom who just needs 15 minutes to decompress.

3. Don't forget about the small moments.

I am really bad about this one.  But something very innocent and sweet reminded me of this little rule.  Big B was raking leaves and made a huge pile for the kids. They were playing and having fun, and I almost missed out.  Why? Because I had to work that night.  BUT I didn't miss out. Little S took my hand, and we ran towards the leaves (dress, leggings, and Suite Jacket).  It wasn't a million dollar toy, it wasn't a trip to Vegas.  It was something more magical than any of that: it was pure simple fun and memories being made.

Don'g forget to indulge yourself in those small moments.  It will change your life!

4. Don't let the fear of being silly make you miss out.

We tend to live by social norms.  You are an adult so get adulting.  Well, sometimes the best time you will ever have is being the kid who didn't have the struggles of an adult and looked at life so simply.

Being a mom (or dad) is not easy, sorry not going to sugar coat it.  But you can find a bit better enjoyment with these tips.

How to enjoy motherhood