What to Put in your Diaper Bag!

The diaper bag can be a daunting task. What do you put in a diaper bag?  Well here is a list to help you out!

16 Must Have Diaper Bag Items

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What do you put in it? Did I put enough diapers in there? Did I even put diapers in there?  When your child is a baby, your brain is already tired. Its hard to think, so I put together a list of my go-to diaper bag necessities.  Have a toddler.  Check out this post instead: Diaper Bag items for a Toddler

Packing a diaper bag in theory is easy, but in reality its like our brains break down and forget all the things we use during the day.  Before start, I am going to have to give a shout out to the back pack diaper bags.  This little product saved my sanity. They give you the room and compartments that you need for a well put together diaper bag.  On my, 8 best baby products for the working mom, I go into depth on why I like it so much!

*this post contains affiliate links- links that I will make commission on if you buy, however it does change the price for you, but I do support these products and have used similar ones! 

1. Cooler

I highly suggest a small cooler of some sort, whether it be in the diaper bag itself or one that can be placed in it.  If you almost exclusively pump or pump extra, then you will absolutely need a cooler when you go somewhere.  Keeping the milk cold is vital!  If you use formula, you will want a cold water for the formula, then you will need it too!  I have included a link to a daiper bag cooler that can snap on to your diaper bag.

And if you exclusively breast feed, then you will need a cold beverage to keep your energy up!

2. Extra clothes

Make sure that you have an extra set ( better yet 2) of clothes for the season for your child.  Your child will spit up or poop, and it will ruin clothes.  So, do your self a favor and have extra sets.

3. Extra Mom Clothes

See number 2-  there will be spit up there will be poop, and mom it's going to get on you most likely.  So an extra shirt for you is important!!

What to put in a diaper bag


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4. Hand sanitizer

See 2 & 3- there will be poop and you will not have a sink handy.   So end some of the disgusting, have some hand sanitizer around to make sure you at least feel clean.

5. Wipes

This one is probably already in your bag, but make sure you are fully stocked and have some back up wipes, just in case.  There will be a need for them!

6. Diapers and Cream

Don't forget the diapers!! This is probably one of the biggest besides food!  I would suggest checking before you go anywhere and making sure you have the correct size.  Also, make sure you have some diaper cream with you too.  We use Aquaphor Diaper Rash cream, and It has worked some serious wonders.  Plus they have  a cute little travel size: perfect!

7. Extra formula/ milk

If you think your baby will need 3 bottles while you are out, then you need to take 4 bottles.  There will be spills and crying, mostly by mom, so you will need that extra bottle!

8. Water bottle

This is a staple in your bag! A water bottle has more purposes than you can imagine.

One- the actual water

Two- a mix for formula

Three- an empty bottle if you forget an actual bottle.

9. Small first aid kit

You never know when a boo boo needs to be fixed or an alcohol wipe is necessary.  Just get a small one, and put it in a pocket you rarely use.  I promise you will need one and be thankful you have it in there.

10. Pacifier

Even if your child doesn't use one, have one in your bag anyways. You never know when it will come in handy.

11. Small blanket

Again, this is one of those things that you will never know when you will need it.  So, just have it just in case.  It doesn't have to be a comforter here, just something small enough to cover.  Put it at the bottom of you diaper bag that way it's not taking up much room.

12. A chew ring

We can't predict when our little loves will start to get teeth.  So have one in your diaper bag, just in case.

13. Infant Tylenol

You will be somewhere and your baby will need Tylenol.  And you will not have some. So, prepare for it now, and you won't have to worry.

14. Gas medicine

Again, you will need some. So just pack it. You can thank me later for this suggestion.

I highly suggest Mommy's Bliss No Gripe Water. This is all we ever use, and it worked out so well!

15. Extra bottle top/ bottle

You are running out for a quick errand and your bundle of joy is screaming for milk. You forgot to pack a bottle, well luckily you have one, because you were smart and made sure you had an extra.  Just remember to replace!

16. A diaper changing pad

You will be out and about and baby poops,  and there isn't a bathroom in sight! So, you will be glad you added this!


I know this may seem like a lot, but I promise you that if you pack these items right, then you will be so glad that you had all them!


Bonus Item:  A gallon sized zip lock bag.  Soiled clothes and diapers go in this!




what to put in your diaper bag