Potty Training Mishaps

Little S is starting to potty train which is pretty hard, for us.  So here is some humor to help those fellow moms!

Potty Training Mishaps:

  1. When letting little S go without a diaper, she pooped on the floor. Twice.
  2. Little S will only go to the bathroom with me!
  3. Little S has attempted to wipe my bottom twice now!
  4. The phrase, "where are your pants" is said more times in my house than should ever be allowed.
  5. I've had to chase a naked child with a poopy diaper in hand.
  6. Little S has determined that she likes to wipe ( see above). So, when changing her diaper she will try to wipe herself; it's not a good thing when a #2 needs to be changed!
  7. Big H has had to tell Little S to pull up her underwear! (He hoped to never say that)
  8. Little S likes to scare us and say everything is a Poo Poo.

Potty Training Lessons that I have learned.

1. Your child really really has to be ready to potty train. Forcing a kid that is not ready, is goo to lead to frustration and sadness.

2. Don't let your kid out of your site is he or she doesn't have a diaper.  We have had several poops on the floor because I thought I was in the clear.

3. Reward yourself for your potty trainer efforts.  This is hard work. Cleaning up messes, pleading with upset children. It is not easy for the parent either.

4. It happens to almost everyone. You will not be the only parent cleaning up pee getting all your bathroom time trying to show the new way to potty. It's not fun to laugh while you are cleaning up poop, but just remember those kids will have dates one day, and now you have dirt!

potty training.

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