What to put in Diaper Bag for a Toddler

The diaper bag days don't end just because your baby isn't technically a baby. Your toddler needs a well thought out diaper bag too.

These items will help you make the most of your diaper bag space and have many comforts from home!  Have a baby?  Check out this post instead: 16 Must have Diaper Bag Items.

Diaper Bag Items for Toddlers

1. Diapers

If your child still uses diapers, then these are a necessity.  Always keep about 5-6 at all times, this way you never put yourself in a "oops" situation!

2. Wipes

Even if your child is potty trained, you will still need some wipes.  There will always be a sticky situations!

3. First aid kit

I've had one of these in all my diaper bags. Someone at some point will need something from a first aid kit and you will look like super mom!

4. Extra set of clothes for toddler

There will be rain, messes, and general shenanigans that will require a quick change. Better safe than sorry.  Make sure that you have a full set of clothes: Underwear, socks, shirt, and pants.

5. Extra set of clothes for mom

Diaper bag for toddler

See number 4.  This means you too mommy.

6. Tylenol 

I always like to keep a small bottle, because you never know when things will happen. A fever, teething, or anything might happen and you will be prepared, you smart momma you!

7. Small toys

I like to have a few small toys to keep the kids occupied in a pinch. Some of my favorites are the Melissa and Doug Water Wows.  All that is required is a bit of water in the pin. Your kids can paint with no mess!  They are small and don't take up to much space but give optimal entertainment.

8. Coloring book and colors

Same reason as number #7.  Coloring books and colors tend to take up little space but can entertain for a good ten minutes!

9.Snacks and drink

Get some snacks in that bag! Your kid will be hungry and the worst moments. It's just parenting Murphy's law. Same thing with drinks.  I always like to put a little snack like gold fish and a bottle of water.  They work well and are pretty small!

10. Pajamas

I can't tell you how many times we have needed Pajamas.  You stay later than expected at a friends house, and bam your rushing to get home to get the kids in bed.  Mitigate some of the headaches!

10. A mini tooth brush and tooth paste. 

See #9.  It helps mitigate your stress if you have stayed out a little to late!

11. Diaper cream

This isn't just for diaper rasher.  The Aquaphor Baby Cream that we use actually is good for other things like chafing. So, it's actually nice to have around.

Having a toddler can be hard work, especially in public.  Don't get caught in a position where you are overwhelmed because you forgot something!


what to put in diaper bag for toddler