How to Dominate your Next Salary Negotiation by Knowing Your Worth 

Learn how to dominate your next Salary negotiation. 

First things first: Do you know your worth in your industry?

Let's be honest here, have you even thought about how much you and your services are actually worth to employers?

Until recently, I hadn't put to much thought into how much I am worth as an attorney or a blogger.

That all changed when Google was charged with under paying women.  (Read the full story here).  I got into  a discussion with a friend about why google would do that, considering they are usually the forward thinking company.  Seems out of character.

During this discussion, an interesting point was brought up, are women negotiating for higher salaries in the same way that men tend to do?  In my Why Women have a Harder Time Negotiating, I touch on some of these principals.  If I had to guess, then I bet you will find that in many instances a man and a female of same qualifications where offered a salary: the man negotiated higher while the women took the offer.

So, I did some digging, and here is what I ave come up with to determine how you can know your worth and dominate your next Salary negotiation.

How to evaluate your worth and Dominate your Next Salary negotiation.

1. Honestly evaluate your skills.

Try to be as neutral as you can about your skills, and don't leave anything out.  If you need to, then write them out.  That way you can actually see what you are really offering someone.  I bet you will be surprised at how much.  If you are really feeling ambitious, then get someone else to evaluate you too.  I bet they see more value!

2.  Negotiating is not the time to be humble.

Being humble is an important skill in life, but when you are negotiating a salary, then leave it at the door.

This doesn't mean be an arrogant a hole.  But you have worked hard to cultivate and grow your skills, be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished.

There is a time to be humble, and you will regret it if you decide to be humble when negotiating your future salary.

3. Know what others are making in the industry.

Do your research.  Know what people are making and what skill level they have achieved to get that salary.

This helps you know how much you should expect and what kind of leverage you need.

4. Evaluate what you can offer

After you have really and truly evaluates your skills, then you know what you can offer a company based on those skills. If you are in marketing, knowing calculus isn't something you want to highlight.  But, your witty and charming personality is.

Go into your meeting prepared based on what the company needs and what you have to offer!

5. Don't be intimidated

Fear will stop progress, and the progress is your life. So, don't be intimidated by people. They were once in your shoes, whether they will admit it or not. Just because the boss may be higher up, doesn't mean you don't deserve what your asking.

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