Ways to overcome your Fears and Stop them from Destroying your Dreams. 

Fear has a way of creeping inside  your brain and tricking you into thinking that you are not good enough, but don't let it!

Ways to Overcome your Fears

Fear is an absolute dream killer. It takes hold of you like  a dark shadow and creeps inside your confidence. It shows you the absolute worst case scenario and removes the light.

Fear is just a reaction, a natural reaction.

How to fight your Fears

1. Identify why you are afraid.

This may take some deep digging, but none the less, you have to do it.  When I first started Your Honor, Mommy Objects! I was afraid to push the publish button.  I was afraid of putting myself out there and letting friends and family see the inside workings of my brain.  It was scary.  At first I thought the reason I was afraid was due to "this idea is stupid."  But after some digging into my own inner voice, I realized the fear was from exposing my self and letting people into my world who I know would judge me.  That is seriously scary.

To really identify why, then you have to get past the obvious and really get to root of something.  So dig deep!

2. Acknowledging you fears.

Your fear of something is not irrational per se.  It's our bodies response.  So, once you have identified your fear, then acknowledge it.  Acknowledge that it's there. Pretending like it's not will only eat away at you.

3. Let your inner voice have his soap box. 

My inner voice likes to tell me all the things that can go wrong.  "Oh you want to do a blog, well what if someone hates it??" Yes that is me talking to me.  Good times. But let your inner voice say it's peace,

Overcome your fears

then move to #4.

4. Tell your inner voice it's wrong.

Yes you can do it out loud, although I suggest not in public, but tell you inner voice it's wrong.  In my case, I started the blog so I could help working moms. The ones who internally struggle every day to feel like they are good enough; To let working moms have a voice in the clutter of the internet; and to let them know there are other people struggling too.  So what if people judge me? What else is new to be honest?  This helped me get over that final "push the button" moment.

5. Realize that facts help fight fear.

In the land of internet, facts are few and far between.  So if you are starting a business or a blog, in my case, do your research, know your plan, and put the time into what you want to do.  So when that inner voice tries to tell you to run, you can look at the facts and say, "nope, and this is why is a good idea!"

Don't let fear paralyze you from becoming a better you.  It's hard, trust me.  I still struggle every day.  But by acknowledging and confronting my fears, I am moving in the right direction!

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